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    Detection signature is more than 30 days old

      Hi my name is Wendy and I am new to this group and also new to McAfee Security Center.  Here is my problem.


      I bought a new laptop from Dell about a month ago and it came with McAfee Security Center subscription for 3 years.  Anyway, since I have been using my laptop I keep getting an error that my Detection signature is more than 8-29 days old.  Now, I have a red "x" on McAfee saying that my Detection signature is more than 30 days old.


      I have Windows 7 on my laptop and Internet Security 8 and it is a 64bit operating system.  I have been trying to resolve this issue now for the past month.  I see when I get on line that I have the red circle on the desktop going in circles.  It goes around but it never seems to finish.  I am also on dial-up. 


      I have run McAfee Virtual Technician several times and even though it says it has fixed the problem with the detection signatures it really does not fix it at all.  Everything else seems to run okay.  I am not a computer geek so I am not so sure what I can do to resolve this issue.   I don't have any other issues on my new laptop, everything runs good.


      I hope someone can help me solve this issue as it is just getting me aggravated.  It is a new machine so I don't understand why I already have this problem.


      Thanks for your help.