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    Error loading Policy


      Hi , I am having a problem since more than 10 days now .As you  know that using the Global Admin you can modify the Security Policy (Screenshot attached) by entering your values which are than used by Windows Baseline Scan. In this case, I modified the policy (Windows Server 2003 Policy) to reflect my company's standards and as soon as I clicked on Save, the page disappeared. Now we can't open the Policy Page at all. We get the error message: "Error -- could not load your policy". Findings: - We are using Foundstone appliance FS1000 and the Java Version is 1.6.0_02-b06. -I  Cleared the cache and tried but it did not work out. I tried from my machine as well as on the Foundstone appliance itself. So, the issue happens for any client machines. - This is a Single Server architecture and all components are installed on this same server. - Apart from this problem, foundstone is working properly. If I run a baseline compliance scan, it can even read my defined policy however it can't load them via browser which prevents me to make other changes to the policy.


      @Cathy , do not ask me to open a ticket with Mcafee .I did this on the same day but it is more than 10 days and they are playing with me (Tier 1 has no clue about the reason)  by asking me to provide this and provide that .Last demand is to upload all of my FS Database which is around 1 GB which I refused .

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          Hi Shahzad,

          I don't have an answer to your issue as its not something that support has seen previously. The correct approach is to open up a support ticket on issues like this. Based off of your post though I see that you have already done that. Please PM me the support ticket number and I'll make sure that this issue is getting addressed properly if it isn't already.. It might turn out that I'm going to make the same request that tier 1 did though which is to get a copy of your database. As I stated above nobody is support has encountered this issue before.


          Jeff Haynes

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            Honestly ,it is too difficult to provide the database copy .There are many reasons for this such as confidentiality of our data ,large size of database (around 1 GB) and than Mcafee request to uploade it using FTP (In corporate setup ,direct FTP is not allowed from any machine at all ) .The Ticket no. is SR # <3-818472201> .I have offered Mcafee support to access the machine remotely and see whatever they want to see .Haven't got any reply for that .My idea is that FS Portal is not able to parse the modified policy file as it contains some arabic text as well .If someone can tell me how to remove that value (Legalnoticetext) from database ,it should solve the problem .

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                Hi ,this Issue is resolved .The Problem was that neither Foundstone Portal (Manage / Policy) nor the Foundstone Scripts (Microsoft Windows Legal Notice Policy) are localized to support Arabic Characters.

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                  How did you solve the problem? I have same problem. I have inserted some Turkish characters in policy settings.