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    McAfee Interfering With Windows Date & Time

      Ever since I installed McAfee a few months ago, I've had problems with my Windows date and time (i.e. left unchecked it will lose hours if not days). According to technical support there should be an advanced setting (Configure > Internet & Network > Firewall Protection > Advanced >  Trusted & Banned IPs) where I can mark the IP address for NIST or Windows Time as trusted, however there is no setting on my version of McAfee for "Trusted", just "Banned IPs". Even so, I enabled those IP addresses under Trusted Networks which didn't help. I also enabled Network Time Protocol (NTP) Port 123 which should help, but hasn't. Has anyone else had this experience and/or found a resolution to this problem?


      I am running the most up-to-date version of Windows XP Media Version and have the following McAfee programs installed:


      Security Center - Build: 9.15.160

      Virus Scan - Build 13.15.113

      Personal Firewall - Build 10.15.106


      PS: I am sure it has something to do with McAfee since the problem goes away if I unload it.