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    What do I do now?

      Brand new discovered today: Trojan:  Generic.dx!njs
      McAfee detected it on my computer.  Said not to do anything but rescan after reboot.  I did that.  Trojan is still there.  Says it is in C:\WINDOWS\DXLBDM.DLL

      What do I do now?


      edit: I should have said that McAfee found another trojan at the same scan,  but quarantined that one and with reboot, that one was gone.



      on 12/02/10 4:33:47 EST PM
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          I have the same problem. McAfee found the files once, but did not find them on the post-restart scan to do anything about them. The randomly-named files are still on my computer, and in my startup list. They can't be disabled or deleted.


          This is the THIRD time I've gone through this. Windows Defender seems to be able to clean them off...until they attack again. Why isn't McAfee stopping them? I have it set to "alert and log" EVERYTHING, and have denied ALL alerts, and yet my computer is still getting infected.


          Security Center 9.15 / VirusScan 13.15

          DAT version 5890 (today)


          Trojan detected repeatedly: Generic.dx!njs

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            At the advice of another poster here (I'm sorry, I can't find their post to thank them personally), I referred to a video on YouTube and installed Malwarebytes, SUPERAntispyware, and Avira Antivir. These program ~ most notably Malwarebytes ~ succeeded where McAfee failed miserably. 12 files related to two instances of Vundo.H and a rootkit were found and removed. McAfee couldn't even identify correctly the two files it found but could not remove. I see no reason to renew my four-year subscription when in expires in 13 months.


            Anyone else with this problem should refer to the video on YouTube called "How to remove malware for free" by mrizos.



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              Thanks for that information Hairfish.  Yesterday after I booted up the computer,  McAfee said it had caught the trojan and I was delighted until it started catching it over and over and over again with little messages popping up about the DLL that was involved.  I looked with horror at my screen full of messages and the McAfee message kept coming up over and over.  So I rebooted once more..  Guess what.  McAfee must actually have got rid of it, because it is gone.  No problems and with quick scans again this morning it isn't found.  Am doing a full scan now.

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                Hi holder55,


                Glad that you are not seeing any more detections.  but i would suggest you that in the future even after doing a reboot and rescan if you are seeing multiple instances of the detection, please send us the file for further analysis. You can find detailed instructionsfor how  to do this at <http://vil.mcafeesecurity.com/vil/submit-sample.aspx>. also make sure that you are having the latest engine as well as the latest DATs.




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                  Full scan by McAfee was good this morning!  Found nothing.

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                    anadd You said "make sure that you are having the latest engine as well as the latest DATs."  My McAfee updates when I boot up in the morning.  Do I need to do something more than that?

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                      If it updates everyday, then it is good enough.