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    Deleting Old Machines

      We need to delete machine that have not synched in over a year. Problem is the audits were dumped in october. Is there a way to still find those machines? I've tried several reports, and the api with no luck. We still have the audit logs.

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          You mean you have audit logs as they were dumped in October? Well, just look up those then and current audit info.

          Compile two sets of machines and then decide which machines are good to be deleted.

          But keep in mind that lack of audit info does not mean that machine is old. Quite opposite, it could be very new. So check object ID's too. Any machine with object ID indicating creation date of less than a year ago, should be exluded.

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            We're trying to free up licenses until our new PO goes through. Would it be possible clear up our test server and encrypt on that and migrate the data to the production server once the new licenses come in?

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              If both database ID's are different then probably no.

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                it's rare you can move things between databases, unless they were originally independent fragments.

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                  We had a similar situation & whilst I can't provide an answer to your initial question, instead of trying to delete machines over a year old choose the oldest you dare, but dont delete the object permantely so that it goes to the recycle bin then you can retrieve the machine if you need to.  If you record exactly which machines you delete when the new licence arrives just restore those deleted ones.  Hopefully the licence wont take too long so impact should be minimal.

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                    Yea we've been tracking duplicates and deleting those. I did have to restore a couple. Still running really low. We need this file to come in. Down to 8. Ouch!