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    why upgrade from epo 4.0 to 4.5?


      what are the differences?  what will I gain?


      Does anyone know when AV 8.7 patch 3 will be released?

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          Changes are listed out in detail in the ePO 4.5 readme.htm, but in summary there's quite a few:


          Agent Handlers
          Improved security for agent-server communication
          Can now move agents between servers
          Navigation redesign incl. Drag-and-drop
          Can add menu items to the favorites bar.
          Automatic Responses instead of notifications (more flexible)
          IPv6 support
          LDAP support
          Issues and ticketing through Service Desk or Remedy
          The multi-server rollup reporting feature has been enhanced
          The Queries system has been enhanced in several ways
          Rogue System Detection has been improved


          I'd recommend downloading the documentation and grabbing a strong coffee


          I don't know the release dat for VSE 8.7i Patch 3, but if you sign up to the new SNS messaging service you can choose to recieve updates on patch releases and the like.


          See McAfee support article KB67828 for more info on this free service.