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    Mcafee security center please help

      hi, i was just sitting at my computer and mcafee security center just popped up, and i exited out of it. well, like 5 minutes later it came up again, but this time i went to mcafee.com and downloaded Mcafee virtual technician and had it scan my computer and it said no problems were discovered. Also when security center opens it is in the configuration mode if that helps. please help

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          Hi trenton,

          Can you please provide me your session id so that I could review the installed files.

          Also let me know what is the operating system you use in the computer ?

          How old is the computer ?

          Do you have any other third party security software installed in the computer ?







          Dinesh K

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            to dinz-

            i dont know what my session id is but its mcafee total security,  my o.s. is windows xp, the computer is at least 5 years old, its a dell demintion 3000, and only mcafee is my anti virus software, but i use zone alarm for my firewall.

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              Hi Trenton,

              May I know whether do you receive any error message inside your security center ?

              Could you please attach a screen shot of your security center ?






              PS : sesson id would be generated at the end of mcafee virtual technician which would help us to review your installed files.

              You could once againg run MVt and post your session id along your next post





              Dinesh K

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                to dinz-

                there is not error report on my security center but it automatically opens the configuration of internet and e-mail but says everything is on. and my session id is 24101550



                p.s. i dont know how to get a screen shot