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    IE won't load after installing McAfee



      Non technical person here! Just bought the product. Uploaded it onto first laptop no probs, registered fine etc. Uploaded onto 2nd laptop, it crashed when trying to enter product code. After that cannot connect to IE though my dongle (Orange) connects fine.Now continuously crashes when trying to load home page and this results in the 'End Now' box also crashing!! This is a relatively new laptop (XP) and am now struggling to know what to do next!


      Any help much appreciated



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          Hi melholly,

          May I know what is the operating system in the second laptop ?

          How old is the laptop ?

          Was this computer having any other security software before installation  ?









          Dinesh K

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            Hi Dinz,


            It's Windows XP Home Edition and is less than a year old, it's a Samsung NC10 netbook and as part of the deal when I bought it with Orange Mobile BB it came with a 3 month trial McAfee which I am now updating. Since last post I have uninstalled McAfee Internet Security 2010 (3PCs) and can reconnect to the internet as before. So the only variable is the new McAfee Security Suite - nothing else has changed. Also unable to connect to any Internet service such as Apple Store when it was loaded.


            So I have an unprotected Netbook at the moment and a brand new product from McAfee!


            Hope you can help



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              Open IE click tools - internet options - from the advanced tab click reset and close your web browser

              Run the removal tool from http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/MCPR.exe  and restart the computer.

              Reinstall your programs and check whether the IE works fine without any crashes.

              If you still experience the same issue open IE - click help - About Internet explorer and let me know the version of your IE









              Dinesh K

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                Hi Dinesh,


                Thanks for getting back to me. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled the product. Interestingly (or not!) the first time I installed through the web and then reinstalled it through the cd. Everythings working (apart from my laptop now running slower!!!) but again, I cannot connect to the correct page in which to 'activate' my product key. (I had registered the product key fine with Laptop #1) So I'm not sure if I'm registered for updates etc or not?! Or indeed how to do this.


                Many thanks



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                  Are you able to open IE, if not


                  check whether you are connecter to wired or wireless


                  if connected to wired, follow the procedure below or else connect to wired and and follow the procedure below


                  try to get into safe mode


                  Procedure to get into safe mode with networking :-


                  * turn off the computer

                  * As soon as the computer is turned on keep tapping the F8 key in the keyboard

                  * Select Safe mode with networking

                  *log in as administrator

                  //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////

                  *try to open IE (If not contact manufacturer)

                  *If IE opens, hold ALT key and press H key in the keyboard

                  *You will get a box, choose "about Internet explorer"

                  *check the following

                  Cipher Strength
                  Product ID
                  Update Version

                  *IF they are blank IE is corrupted, contact manufacturer

                  *Else try to go online

                  *get back with your result


                  WITH REGARDS





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                    Dear guys,


                    Thanks very much for all your help and advice. The only way I managed to activate my product key with the 2nd laptop was to wait for a little red box to pop up and remind me I only had 11 days left in which to do it!! I searched everywhere on the Security Centre on my laptop but couldn't find a link at all which said 'activate now' Interestingly, the first time I installed McAfee on laptop #2 (through the web) it looked entirely different to how it now looks having reinstalled it through the cd! When installed through the web there was a big 'activate now' link but nothing like that on my Sec Centre now. But anyway, have got there in the end - am sure it's not meant to be that un user friendly though!!


                    Thanks again