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    Upgrade from 5.1.8 to 5.2.3



      I am just upgrading our test server from 518 to 523, & when installing EEM get warning that the existing algorithm is "Safeboot FIPS AES (256bit)" which is different from the one I have selected, AES (FIPS, 256bit) for the upgrade.   There isnt a matching "Safeboot FIPS AES (256bit)" in the list to choose from.


      Does this matter as I assume its the same algorithm but just a rename ?


      There is nothing in the release notes or upgrade documentation re this.


      Many thanks for any advice.

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          Just in case you should resolve this without response from anyone else could you please post your findings here.  We're looking to upgrade from 5.1.2 to 5.2.3 and will also come across this problem since we're using the same encryption method.  Furthermore if you can suggest anything else as part of the upgrade that I should look out for outside of the upgrade guide then please let me know.


          Many thanks

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            I just took the bull by the horns & went for it about an hour ago !  It was my test server anyway & i'd backed it up beforehand.


            Curiously though, this time when I ran the setup.exe for EEM it didnt give me the same message about incorrect Alg, so I just continued & all is well so far...... my first test client is fine & I have been testing local recovery which is the main reason for the upgrade.  This looks good so far & will definetly save our helpdesk some major headaches with the tortuous challenge/response recovery process.  Shared laptops grrrrr.....


            The actual upgrade process was very straightforward, just make sure you follow the upgrade guide step by step.  One thing it does omit is remember to restart the DBserver after the upgrade.  


            Good luck with yours !



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              Sounds promising cheers for that and I'll make note of the restart of the service!  One last question, for your test environment do you maintain a license for just a low number of clients?  We don't have the benefit of such an environment but I wish we did!

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                Our test server was a copy of our live so its using the same licence file,  I've only got 6 or so test clients running anyway.