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    The Bat! and McAfee

      I have McAfee Total Protection with McAfee Security Center.

      How to organize anti-virus and anti-spam protections for The Bat! Mail client ?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Never used this email client before, but....


          Each email that comes in is evaluated as spam or not spam, and tagged accordingly.


          You simply need to configure a rule inside of your email client (most email clients have this function) to move emails that have the tag [SPAM] in the Subject line to a folder of your choosing.  Quite simple to do.


          AV protection is automatic.




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            Thanks for advice.

            I am using this client last 4 years. But the McAfee is the new in my experience.

            Previous using antivirus had AV and anti-spam plug-ins for email special which I had to insert simply into configuration pan of the client. As soon as plug-in being inserted the special tag energes on instrumental panel of the client and I could be sure every time that protections of incoming/outgoing emails were in order. At present using The Bat! I could not sure (not see) that McAfee protects my ongoing mail.


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