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    Issue 35264 with google chrome source

      Sorry, this is the answer from google chromium support, they say they won't fix this issue, but I should file a report to my Anti-virus vendor.

      Find attached the screenshot from mcafee enterprise 8.5.0i and the issue described below.

      Please let me know.

      Thank you in advance.


      Comment 1 by maruelatchromium, Yesterday (18 hours ago)

      Please file a report to your Anti-virus vendor.
      Status: WontFix
      Reported by giulioh...@gmail.com, Yesterday (18 hours ago)
      I was downloading chrome browser source from the command windows:
      D:\chromiumtrunk>gclient sync
      This was the final error on the cmd windows:
      A    D:\chromiumtrunk\src\third_party\lighttpd\win\CygBZ2-1.dll
      A    D:\chromiumtrunk\src\third_party\lighttpd\win\bin
      A    D:\chromiumtrunk\src\third_party\lighttpd\win\bin\LIGHTSRC.EXE
      A    D:\chromiumtrunk\src\third_party\ligh
      A    D:\chromiumtrunk\src\third_party\lighttpd\win\bin\INSTSRV.EXE
      A    D:\chromiumtrunk\src\third_party\lighttpd\win\bin\Service-Remove.exe
      A    D:\chromiumtrunk\src\third_party\lighttpd\win\bin\PROCESS.EXE
      svn: In directory 'D:\chromiumtrunk\src\third_party\lighttpd\win\bin'
      svn: Error processing command 'readonly' 
      in 'D:\chromiumtrunk\src\third_party\li
      svn: Can't set 
      file 'D:\chromiumtrunk\src\third_party\lighttpd\win\bin\.svn\text
      -base\PROCESS.EXE.svn-base' read-only: Impossibile trovare il file 
      ________ running 'svn update 
      lighttpd@33727 D:\chromiumtrunk\src\third_party\lighttpd --revision 33727' 
      in 'D
      Skipped 'http://src.chromium.org/svn/trunk/deps/third_party/lighttpd'
      svn: Working copy 'D:\chromiumtrunk\src\third_party\lighttpd\win\bin' 
      svn: run 'svn cleanup' to remove locks (type 'svn help cleanup' for 
      Error: failed to run command: svn update 
      third_party/lighttpd@33727 D:\chromiumtrunk\src\third_party\lighttpd --
      This is the alert from virusscan mcafee enterprise 8.5.0i
      process.exe.svn.base "PrcViewer" "potentially dangerous" -> file deleted
      Find the screenshot attached.
      What should I do know to continue my download? ...

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          This is what is known as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) detection in VirusScan.


          The detection name is PRCViewer - see http://vil.nai.com/vil/content/v_137331.htm


          The reason it is a PUP is because:

          " PRCViewer is a small command line utility that can alter a processes  characteristics (Affinity and Priority) and also View, Close, Kill,  Suspend and Resume running processes, even when Task Manager access is  disabled.  "


          Some Administrators may not want that program running on machines they manage.


          Preventing McAfee from detecting Prcviewer is simple - you need to add it to the "Exclusions" of the "Unwanted Programs Policy". However, you will need access to change the configuration of VirusScan, which if your copy is managed by an Administrator may be difficult.

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            In fact I can not change that configuration... I have installed sysinternals process explorer without any alert from mcafee av on the same machine... I posted your reply to the chromium support, but I think they would ignore this incompatibility between chrome and mcafee just like mcafee seems be doing...

            Sorry if my comment is not appropriate here, and thanks again for your clarification.