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    Load balancing query

      Is it possible to put a higher 'cost' to a load-balancing dsl interface?  We have two dsl interfaces, one of which has a smaller traffic allowance than the other.  I want to send one third of the traffic its way and two thirds through the other interface.  How do we achieve that?

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          The load balancer will not be able to do this...it simply passes alternate connections through the links in a round robin scenario


          But what you can do is navigate to


          network setup -> routes -> policy routes


          and 'manually' specify certain traffic to only go over one link.




          smtp dedicated one link only


          Using this method you may be able to achieve the goal you are after

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            Okay - that will be an adequate work around.  It'll be messy in the event of a dsl link failure, having to turn routes off while that link is down to use the fail-over aspect of the system.


            Thanks for the guidance.  I'll start using it on the more heavily utilised protocols.

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              Sorry, I should have mentioned that in the event 1 link goes down, the traffic that is policy routed over that link will now go over the remaining good link automagically.


              And when the down link comes back up, the policy routes will then apply as per your configuration.

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                Okay - that is a nice feature.  Thanks for that clarification.