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    Installer Intelligence


      Thought I would post this out to the masses to see if anyone else might have any info.  We are in the process of updating our install package for EEPC.  Our current install was built using the 5.1.3 client files and installed into \Program Files\SafeBoot on the client machines.  We are going to create a new install with the 5.2 client files and by default the installer now installs to \Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption for PC\.   One would really expect the installer to be smart enough to check for older versions.  However,  I tested this on one machine and ended up with a blue screen, so I've deemed that test in-conclusive.  I'm in the processing of repairing my test box, so I can test some more.  Just wondering if anyone else had tested or tried this???

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          Why would you re-install the install set on a client already running MEE?


          Just select the new client files on their machine in the database and the next time they sync they will be upgraded.  No need to re-install.


          Then the new fresh installs will go to the new folder with not problems.

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            Because you mostly want to upgrade, create install set for fresh installs to have the same program path as upgraded ones.

            That is the simplest approach that I can think of. Upgrade using newer file-set (but NOT install-set) would not change program path.

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              Let me clarify...   we send out our install through SMS to a collection that contains all the laptops and tablets in our environment.  All of our machines that currently have MEE installed received it via SMS, and have been upgraded as you mentioned.  I'm trying to avoid any situation where SMS might try to run the new install on a machine where MEE is already running.

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                How do you install MEE on new machines?  Do you wait until they are out in the field and then use SMS to push the install package to all your laptops all over again just to capture that one?

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                  I think your best bet would be to do this as Peter said:


                  1.) upgrade all existing clients to new version

                  2.) create new install set for new version to push to laptops without MEE

                  3.) set the install path to be the same as older version  C:\Progam Files\SafeBoot


                  That way you dont have to worry about it.

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                    If your SMS installation procedure is "blind", then you must create some intelligent wrapper before pushing install-set.

                    That simple wrapper might just check for presence of some directories and files and then decide.

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                      We have had SafeBoot as part of our gold image before,  but our workstation guys are changing their methods for imaging devices.  They will be going to imaging just a base OS.  When the machine is sysprepped and reports to SMS for the first-time, it will install all the application software needed for that machine depending on what kind of machine it is.  For instance, a laptop would pull down MEE, and remote connectivity tools, etc.