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    Internet Security 2010 & XP 64

      Can/will McAfee and XP 64 Pro ever work together?  I run a dual boot drive on my PC with both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows XP.  A few years ago I had asked the same question and was told that McAfee was working on it.  Since I am unable to put this on my 64 bit partition, I guess I am stuck with two worthless licenses.  If there is a work around could someone please give me the details.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Peter M

          No it will never happen.  XP 64-bit was such an expensive proposition for most and there were so few applications and drivers written for it not to mention the fact that Itanium processors were so expensive that most people avoided them.  It was always considered a novelty so McAfee decided that only their Enterprise (Business - multi-license) product would be made compatible.


          I do remember the days when they were thinking about it, hence you being told that, but unfortunately the decision was made never to support it.  Vista x64 and Windows 7 x64 are supported, however.


          Vista and Windows 7 are the thing now with XP's support running out in approximately 4 years time.


          You could I suppose try McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Beta - they give you an ongoing license as long as you keep testing it and bug reporting assuming that they are still testing it.

          I do know that Total Protection Service 5 is still available which is similar to the consumer product but with many more bells and whistles.





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            Peter M

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              Thanks for the answer.  I used XP 64 because it worked better with my non-linear software.  I guess I will just have to find something else and hope that the store I bought the disc from will take it back so I am not out 50 dollars.  I am sorry to say that after using McAfee for the last 10 plus years, I am going to have to quit supporting them.  Oh well whats one worthless customer such as myself to them anyhow.

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                Peter M

                I wish I could give you better news.  Good luck.