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    McAfee update error/unwilling to scan

      When I try to scan with my McAfee, it tells me it won't because of an error. And every now and again McAfee would try to update and it would say the same thing. I haven't had a virus protection since September because of this problem. I tried reinstalling it, but it did not work. Please help as soon as possible !

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          Hi kikyomeii,

          Can you provide me some more inforamtion on this like;

          What is the operating system ?

          What type of internet connection you use ? (cable/wireless)

          Do you get any anonymous pop ups on the computer ?

          Have you made any changes to the computer like a system restore ?









          Dinesh K

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            Operating System-Vista


            I do get pop ups after the McAfee attempts to update

            and system restore as in backup?

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              Thanks for the information and by systenm restore I mean restoring the computer to a previously working condition.

              Can you please click the option about in security center and provide me with the version of virus scan & DAT ?

              Also provide me the exact error message you receive at the time of scan.










              Dinesh K

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                The error message I get when I try to scan is "Scanning has encountered a problem from which it cannot recover. Here are the problem details : Error Starting on Demand Scanner"


                I cannot find the options button in the mcafee.


                Also, my computer is running excessively slow, could that be the work of a virus because I have over 130 gb on my computer left?


                And I don't know if I answered this question right, but I usually but my vista laptop on hibernate mode instead of shut down because it is very slow and it takes forever to startup, but I'm guessing that is dangerous?

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                  Hi kikyomei,

                  Thank you for the screenshot of your secuity center and it states that  your virus definitions are not upto date.before running a scan we need to make sure that you keep your antivirus uptodate that's when it will detect any new infections or threats. Please follow the below steps ;


                  1.Check whether the system clock is set right (including month & year)

                  2.Check and delete if you have any other security software or remnants in C:/program files & common files.

                  3.Click start - run - On the window that opens up type drivers and hit OK. In the next window open the folder named ETC,then look for a file "HOSTS", right click on it and select notepad and hit OK.

                  4.Check the bottom of the page just below from where it says local host.If you find any other list of websites, remove them and ensure that the details are only upto .

                  5.Close all the windows and update security center . After the update , open security center , click about and let me know the version of virus scan & DAT.







                  Dinesh K

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                    The ones I circled in red under the attachment...do I delete those?(Because there are different websites but the same IP address)


                    But if I did delete the extra websites, it won't let me save it unto the drivers folder...

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                      Also, when I click "About" it is blank....i'm guessing it because of the error. When I clicked "about" it still was in the state of being not protected (the yellow screen in the other attachment)

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                        Hi Kikyomei,
                        You can ceratinly delete those ones marked in red; please follow the below steps to save the hosts file

                        Delete the unwanted entries from the host file, click file , click Save as and save it to your desktop'
                        Right click and delete the original host file (from the drivers location)
                        From the desktop right click on the host file (which is been edited) , click cut and paste it in the the drivers location

                        Also open Internet explorer , click help - about internet explorer ane lett me know the version & cipher strength









                        Dinesh K