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    Turn off the option to Attach as Self-Extractor to E-mail?

      I want to turn off the option to turn off the Attach as Self-Extractor to E-mail feature. Is this possible? I only want the end user to only Create Self-Extractor.

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          Did a little hacking but still run into some trouble. In the registry I tried to remove the Attach as Self-Extractor choice from the McAfee context menu. This action only removed the whole context menu itself. I used a free resource editor and opened the resource.dll that is under \Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders. I am able to rename the McAfee context menu item Attach as Self-Extractor to E-mail from the Stringtable. This only changed the text and not the button itself. I cannot find anywhere to edit the properties of the context menu. I looked at the Dialog portion of the Resource.dll and saw that there was a dialog box for Create Self-Extractor only and not Attach as Self-Extractor to E-mail.


          I removed the Attach as Self-Extractor line from the Resource.DLL stringtable but this crashed Explorer after EEFF installation.


          It seems that Attach as Self-Extractor is tied to the Create Self-Extractor feature and I do not know where to go from this point. I wonder if this is all controlled by the EEFF policy DAT files? I did not get anywhere looking in the Shell32.dll and Explorer.dll


          All this I did is not McAfee supported and done in a test environment so do not try this on produciton. Is there a McAfee Engineer out there that can shed some light?