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    Problem obtaining latest DAT file



      McAfee is telling me that my computer is not fully protected because the detection signature file is between 8 & 29 days old.  In the past I would run MVT and that would fix the problem.  However, for the last ~2 months, when I run MVT, it says it cannot find any McAfee products on my machine, even though I recently renewed my subscription for several products.  Since I can't use MVT, I click the "Fix" button on the Security Center home screen, after which I get a window that tells me that the problem is being fixed.  This window disappears after 1 second, after which the Home screen states "Fixing your protection items ..."  It's been that way for about 4 hrs. now.  What's going on?  I would much prefer to run MVT.  Any ideas on how to fix it?


      I am running Windows XP service pack 3, if that matters.