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    McAfee Updates

      McAfee is not updating, it used to update automatically but that has stopped, I try to do it manually but nothing happens. I've tried to e-mail McAfee but it runs the Virtual Technician which at the moment has been updating for over an hour. When I do my weekly full scan it keeps finding trojans which has only happened since the updates have stopped. I have the 3 way user and I have none of these problems on the laptop Anyone have any ideas please?



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          The Reason for the updates not happening  could be an infection...which usually turns off the updates of mcafee.

          however since mcafee has released its 2010 version..there could be a problem with the updates with the previous versions.

          uninstalling and reinstalling should fix the issue for both the causes. Please ensure the innfections are completely removed or you may not be able to reinstall mcafee back on the computer.


          All the best





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            Peter M

            As kiwi4life suggested try running the free version of this tool:  http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php


            Update it before running & let it remove everything it finds.  Reboot immediately if asked to.

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              Hi Easha,

              Thank you, if I run a scan and it comes up clear will it be safe to un-install and re-install again?

              Thanks for you help, it's much appreciated.


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                Hi Jill,


                Sorry for the delay in responding.

                Since mcafee is not up to date ..do not rely on mcafee scan....run malware bytes as suggested and once everything is clear try uninstalling and reinstalling.





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                  Hi Easha,

                  I downloaded the program which Ex_Brit suggested (http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php) it took me to a site called filforum, I clicked download it then took me to another site called Sammsoft, I downloaded the program, it found over 500 registry errors which is surprising as when I took it into the repair shop a couple of weeks ago they told me they had done a deep clean!!!, the program will only repair 20 errors (in the free version) Have I downloaded the right program?


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                    Hi Jill when I said uninstall and reinstall I ment the Mcafee security program but as to the reistry cleaner you can download ccleaner which has a registry cleaner and is free



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                      Peter M

                      Malwarebytes download should not take you to any other website than Malwarebytes and as it is software that you install it should run without sending you anywhere.  It looks to me as if your browser has been hijacked and it may be in your interest to run Hijackthis and post its log on one of the following forums for expert advice.


                      DOWNLOAD HIJACKTHIS



                      Do not post the log here, we can't help!



                      Post the logs at a specialist Forum:



                      AUMHA FORUM



                      BLEEPING COMPUTER FORUM



                      MAJOR GEEKS FORUM



                      MALWAREBYTES FORUM



                      MALWARE REMOVAL FORUM



                      SPYWAREHAMMER FORUM



                      SPYWARE INFO FORUM



                      WHAT THE TECH FORUM



                      Be sure to read all the sticky announcements/instructions at the top of each malware forum!


                      Apologies to the previous poster but I do not recommend any registry cleaners at all.  Eventually they remove important files and the machine starts to malfunction.



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                        Although I am replying to Ex_Brit this is for everyone that has posted to help me I have been on McAfee online chat and they have checked through and assure me that I am updated and protected fully

                        So once again thank you one and all


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                          Posted a reply to Ex_Brit

                          Thank you




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