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    Windows 7 & ePo4.5 & Agent 4.5 & virusscan 8.7



      i have problem with the policy enforcement on a Windows 7 client.


      I use this versions:

      - ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5 (

      - Agent 4.5 (

      - Virusscan Enterprise 8.7i (

      - AntiSpyWare Enterprise Modul (


      All installation processes are good and I didn't find any errors in the logs. Also the server registered the client correct an the communication between agent and ePolicy is good. But the virusscan didn't get any policies!

      I have tried to check some points:

      - re-installation

      - de-installation and new installation

      - agent reaktivation

      I check all points without any faults.


      The I search the kowlegde base, and get some information that the task have no entry for windows 7. I checked it, but this is not the error. I also recreate the task.


      Now I don't know what else I can do the resolve the problem.