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    McAfee Total Protection desktop icon keeps coming back

      Hi everyone! I'm currently using a fresh install of Windows 7 64-bit Premium (fully updated) and McAfee Total Protection suite version 10.0.569 (also updated as of today). Upon installation McAfee installer created a desktop shortcut 'McAfee Total Protection'. I like to keep my desktop clean and don't have any icons on it except for the Recycle Bin. I can always access McAfee software via taskbar so I have no need for the one on desktop. I can delete it and everything is fine untill I reboot my laptop but within 20 sec or so the new McAfee Total Protection icon shows up on my desktop. This is the only icon I have a problem with.  I have deleted it at least a dozen times but it keeps coming back. Is there a setting I can change to get rid of it or is there any other way to remove it?


      I know it's not a huge issue but just curious what could be causing this.

      Thanks for your help.