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    unknown ip connecting to port 6646

      hi, im new here so i appologise if this is in the wrong forum..

      ive noticed that in my mcafee network manager  a new device has appeared, the only info i can get from clicking is the ip number , it is** edited**    i then  checked my open ports and discovered that the ip adress in connected to computer via port 6646, i now understand,through google, that this port is used by mcafee. so im totally confused.... is this anything to worry about??????

      my antivirus and firewalls are uptodate, so i dont understand how this could happen..... ive also noticed that through my itunes helper and apple mobile prog that another ip is connected, its , through 2 different ports.    aparantly its called loopback or something??


      am i safe?? cocculd somebody pleeeease help me??? im not totally great on computers, but have  always tried to play it save and dont undrerstand whats happend.


      thanks guys.

      ps im using windows vista if thats any help



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          127.x.x.x is a network that is reserved for TCP/IP loopback connections.  Now as to the connection for port 6646: do you have any other computers on your network?  What about wireless routers/access points?  Why I am asking is that is a private address according to  RFC 1918.  Overall, I am noticing something similar -- where network manager reaches out to other machines on the network that have some version of McAfee on them, and I am thinking at this point that this is normal behavior for Network Manager



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            hey thanks for the reply... connected to my network is my pc and my dad and brothers. we all have mcafee and their computers show up as NAME PC and if i click them i get info about there service pack and security... the other IP is simply that, with no info at all....

            we are using bt broadband with a wireless hub that is security enabled and nobody could guess the password....      ive noticed by checking on my dad and my brothers network manager that the unknown IP is only showing up on my network manager.


            we havent got any devices that could connect to it like sky tv or anything, so i just dont understand it...


            maby im just being paranoid about it all, but you read so much stuff about trojans and viruses and things like that i just dont want to take any chances.

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              The scary part is we have done exactly what I wanted to do with my other post: we have elimiated the possibility that it is another computer connected to the network.  Out of academic interest, could you try pinging/tracrouting to the mystery IP and post the results?

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                ive used the mcafee traffic monitor thing to try and trace the IP it says the address is reserved for private and is untraceable.


                i tried to cut and paste the other bit of info it gave me, but it wouldnt let me do it.     i noticed this was in the nameserver bit of the info     blackhole-1.iana.org

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                  How about when you try via the command prompt (start -> run -> cmd)?

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                    hi, sorry about the late reply. ive been working out how to do the traceroute thing lol...

                    i did as you said and typed tracert followed by the number and it come back as my dads pc....   atleast thats made me feel better, i still arent sure why his is showing up twice in network manager though, one as named pc and the other as just IP.... but atleast i know the problem lies with his pc and not mine...

                    thankyou sooo much for your help.... i think im goin to stop reading so much about cyber baddies because its making me fear the worst all the time lol.

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                      You are welcome.  As to why it shows up twice in your network, I figure that is a better question for McAfee's engineers.  (here's hoping a mod or a McAfee egghead can provide an answer to why it shows twice)

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                        hey i just had a little mess about with my dads pc. deleted a whole load of temp files, cookies, cache, things like that.... did the old disc clean up and now the IP has vanished from the network manager, it just got his named pc on there.


                        so hopefully this has now been solved... thanks very  much for the time and assistance...

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                          MRoutt was correct:  this is standard behaviour for McAfee Network Agent - it sends out packets using TCP port 6646 trying to discover other systems on the local network.


                          Your ISP may request that you stop broadcasting information on Port 6646 (TS100385)

                          McAfee Easy Network does not recognize the network with Kaspersky ISS firewall enabled (TS100525)

                          So this is legitimate traffic, so you don't have to worry about it.
                          However, if you simply cannot bear having this traffic on your network, the simple solution is to stop the network agent in services.msc, but I don't recommend it for security reasons.
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