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    Backup & restore only listing files for my desktop

      Currently have Windows XP, when we log on, my wife and I have two separate log-ins that take us to our own desktop programs using the same PC.  When I opened McAfee from my desktop and selected Backup & Restore only my files show up.  That is only my documents, pictures, videos, etc. on the c:drive are listed and backup'd when I initiated a backup to CD's.  When I open up McAfee from my wife's desktop and select Backup & Restore conversely only her files show up.  When I contacted McAfee support they said I have a McAfee software problem and I should un-install and reinstall the software because what is happenng is not correct.  Before I go through all that I wanted to make sure that is the right solution or do I just need to back-up both my and my wife's files separtely or do something different when I open up the Backup and Restore function.