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    Authentec Fingerprint Reader



      I was just wondering how to setup the authentec fingerprint reader? I searched everywhere (i think) but can´t find any documentation about this.

      I added this filegroup today in my EEM and did also sync it out to a test machine. But i guess you somehow need to configure it before you can use it in the pre-boot?


      Do i need some software for it?





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          You don't mention which product, but I'm guessing EEPC? If so, there's a chapter in the manual on how to do it (in the Tokens section). Remember only very specific hardware versions are supported, it's not generic, and once a user registers their finger on a reader, they won't be able to login anywhere else.

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            Correct, it is EEPC.


            But i´ve been looking in the documents that comes with EEM 5.2.3 and also from EEPC 5.2.3, i might be blind but i can´t find anything about Authentec. I find info about other tokens though?!

            Could you please advise me the correct document and maybe an URL so i can download it?



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              does it still mention the UPEK reader?


              maybe I'm confused - is there something you have to indicate that the Authentic reader you're using is supported?

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                I am having Authentec problems as well with Lenovo x200 Tablets. I follow these steps:


                1.    I am using a Lenovo x200 7449-9EU tablet with Lenovo Fingerprint Reader software and Authentec drivers (Driver AES2810

                2.    A user registers their fingerprint with the Lenovo Fingerprint Software (ThinkVantage Fingerprint enrollment

                3.    I assign MEE File Group Set Token v5 Authentec Fingerprint Reader to the machine

                4.    I assign the Authentec Fingerprint Reader Token to the MEE user.

                5.    I synchronize this to my target machine and reboot.

                6.    At the MEE PBA the user authenticates to their fingerprint token with a password.

                7.    The expected behavior is that Windows loads and the user will register their fingerprint with EEPC (AuthentecEnroller.exe), but......

                8.    The PBA goes to a black screen and freezes.


                At this point it does not matter if the user registers their fingerprint or there are no fingerprints registered at all. The PBA still freezes after authenticating with their Authentec Token password for the very first time. Curious that the fingerprint has to be registered first with Lenovo Software before MEE PBA can evevn detect the sensor. I try to start the AuthentecEnroller.exe manually when logged into Windows but nothing happens. I do get the enroller dialog window in my own VM test machines (this is without the sensor physically attached).





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                  AFAIK, the module only supports the 2810 reader, and due to hardware limitations, cannot be used by two software systems at the same time - so you can't have the Lenovo software in use, or even installed. This is a limitation of the device.


                  You should also remember than once a user has registered his prints to a reader, his user account will no longer work ANYWHERE else, only on that reader, again this is a limitation of the hardware (and is true for both UPEK and Authentec devices)


                  The embedded readers on these laptops have a very low functionality unfortunately. The limitation of single point authentication is pretty restrictive in my opinion.

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                    I understand. Thank you Safeboot for the information.

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                      So I attempted to use the Authentec 2810 also... I also get a black screen and freeze.


                      Anyone ever find a solution?

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                        I had a ticket out to McAfee Support while I was working with a client. McAfee is working on it and I will update this discussion if I hear of any resolution.

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                          I be leave the client your talking about is my corporation. I have tried uninstalling the lenovo software that comes with the tablet laptop, when you uninstall the software it also removes the finger reader driver from windows. so i removed the software and made sure the token was set correct and after you login it sill freezes. Any updates on this would be helpful.





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