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    Technical Support Tickets Closed Prematurely


      Has anyone else had their support tickets closed out "prematurely"?  For example, yesterday, I called support about an issue and I was provided a knowledge base article of things to do to collect more information.  When I went to update the case today I learned that it was closed as "Resolved" with a comment of "will call us back if he needs additional help from us".  I've had this happen to me at least once before, as well.  I understand not wanting open tickets rotting in the queue forever, but less than 24 hours is a bit premature to just close a ticket out IMHO.  Now I'm going to have to either open another ticket or call in.  It would be nice if the portal offered a button to "Reopen Case".  Even if tickets could be set as "Pending Close" (causing them to close automatically after x number of days of inactivity) that would be more helpful that having support just close them out.