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    how to update the agent




      On new systems there will be installed CMA But on some older systems there is still running CMA


      I tried to redeploy the CMA with forcing it over existing agents, but the agent was "rejected".


      Some ideas?





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          Attila Polinger



          Assuming the agent is pushed with a valid admin credentials on those old systems, I would check the framepkg_hostname.log on the client, check available disk space on %TEMP% drive /we ran into it several times/ check if %TEMP% points to a valid drive and path /we ran into it several times as well/.


          I would prepare the next push by first deleting the framepkg_hostname.log (let us start anew) and reboot a client.


          Tell us how you succeeded (or did not).



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            For machines which are already managed by the ePO server and just need upgrading to a later version a deployment task for the McAfee Agent should take care of it.

            (Providing you have already checked the newer agent into the Master repository).


            Otherwise, the MA 4.0 patch 3 readme file has a big section on how to install in various situations, and is well worth a look,





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              It seems to work all fine, just a proplem with the client i tested with - all others worked fine...


              Will install the framepgk.exe manual.