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    jucheck.exe trying to access my computer

      I have run McAfee and it shows no problems; Java shows that it needs no updates, but this message in a box keeps coming up saying jucheck.exe is wanting to access my computer, and Java update needed pops up then also.  I always answer NO, as a friend told me and some things I read on the Internet say not to let it access my computer.  My question is, how can I get it to stop coming up?  It may come up 10 times a day.  I'll appreciate any help that you can give me.   I contacted McAfee and the lady said that it means that I had a virus and she sent me something to do.  I tried it, but it wouldn't work because it said that I had to allow Active X, but my computer wouldn't allow it. I really doubt that I have a virus; everything works on my computer.  I have a HP laptop with Windows 7 on it. Thank you.

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          Java should always be allowed to check for updates and that entity is Java Updater, so allow it.   Many applications continue to check for updates even if they appear to be up to date.  For instance McAfee SecurityCenter checks every 4 hours, silently of course.


          You can always Google the name if you aren't sure what it is.


          When something asks permission for an Activex installation and you trust the source, in this case McAfee, then you should allow it....it does ask permission and there should be an obvious means of allowing it.


          If you don't get asked then it would appear that your browser settings are not default.  They should be or else you will have no end of trouble.  McAfee and other protection rely on standard browser settings.



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