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    Should techsupport users be added to a machine policy?

      We have few hundred tech.support engineers, technicians who offer remote support to laptop/desktop users either via phone or timbuktu to the endpoint and troubleshoot any app/software problems. Few of those, actually do field support, i.e., going to enduser's location and physically get the laptop from them and troubleshoot any OS/App related problems.


      When I create an encryption policy, I was asked to add "all the tech.support" people. I do not see any reason, why to have so many tech.support users with their default passwords residing in every endpoint. I thought it would make sense only to add those who are going to break-fix any OS related issues by physically having access to these encrypted endpoints. Any app/ software related issues/ even user recovery, machine recovery can be still handled by tech. support via the Web HelpDesk access.


      Is this a right approach? Pls. let me know your thoughts.