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    Regarding new mbk5enus.exe

      Vista system - formerly running ISS 2007 (and used McAfeeDataBackUpAndRestore)
      Utiliized Product Removal tool before installing Total Protection 2010
      Then realized I had lost access to restore possibility - online indicated that original BackUpAndRestore should be used for process
      Re-installed (from ISS 2007 CD) the BackUpAndRestore (MBK) - couldn't make it function
      Then (here) discovered the EndOfLife BackUpAndRestore (mbk5enus.exe)
      In attempt to install (executing mbk5enus.exe), it prompts to delete the conflicting BackUpAndRestore (from ISS 2007) - "Continue" does nothing
      All attempts to delete directory (manually ; no entry in Control Panel for ISS version) fail;
            many attempts to modify security/permissions on directory/registry entry are successfull (full control to this user in administrators group,
            and full control to administrators as a whole), yet it will not delete


      I hoped that mbk5enus.exe would be capable of deleting the conflicting program, since it is a McAfee product.

      How do I either manually delete the conflicting executables/directory or enable mbk5enus.exe to remove the conflicting  McAfeeDataBackUpAndRestore (from ISS 2007)


      Thanks in advance if you have already figured it out!

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          Here is an answer to my question for those of you who might still be searching:



          On the TotalProtection "Navigation", select "General Settings and Alerts" (under "Settings" in Left Column)
          Once there, go to "Access Protection" at the bottom. CLEAR the "Use Access Protection"
          I presume this will allow mbk5enus.exe to delete the old process. I am certain that this now allowed
          me to delete the registry keys and directory related to the BackUpAndRestore from ISS 2007.


          mbk5enus.exe installed and works just fine


          (Check the check box for "Use Access Protection" when you are done, before you leave "Total Protection 2010")