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      Security center reports that I am not protected for Computer & Files, and Internet & network. Says action required.  Verify Subscription.  I have done this and it is ok.  Ran the Fix button and it says that one or more problems require my response.  Ran the Virtural Tec and no problems found.  Continue to get action require/verify subscription. Please help me resolve this problem


          Hi Sunrise,

          Can you please provide some information on this like;

          What is the exact error message you receive under the fix button ?

          Have you installed any other security software along with the security center ?

          Please run mcafee virtual technician from http://mvt.mcafee.com  and post me your session id .









          Dinesh K




            I'm having the same problem with "3-User McAfee Total Protection" and same warnings as Sunrise. My Operating system is the same (Vista Home Premium 64-bit).


            I've done what you told him. The Virtual Technician didn't report any problem although the security center displays the "Verify Subscription" warning.

            I manually verified my subscription and it was successful according to McAfee but the warning is still present in the security center.

            Not only that, when I start windows the Firewall and Antivirus are disabled. I have to enable them manually.

            I have to check Windows Security Center from time to time since the Firewall gets disabled all by itself.


            I don't know what to do. A wrong McAfee update is probably the cause of this warning.

            I performed a full scan of my hard drive and it was absolutely clean.

            I have the McAfee Virtual Technician Session ID if someone needs it.

            The two LOG files generated by the Virtual Technician are attached to this message.


            They didn't provide an email to contact their support. Can someone help me? God bless you.



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              Thanks for responding.  In fustration I decided to just reinstall and much to my surprise, I have not had any problems since.  Have no idea what the problem was, but as you an imagine I am just thrilled that the reinstallation worked.


              Again, thanks for responding.




                I decided to reinstall the program.  It's working fine now.  I have no idea what the problem was or what started it, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will continue to be ok.  Maybe it will also help you to do the reinstall.



                Good luck


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                  Hi Sunrise,


                  I did what you recommended and redownloaded the Mcafee Total Protection from their site.

                  Everything is OK now.

                  But I was shocked by the fact that Mcafee 2010 was downloaded. My previous version was 2009 and although I check for updates on a daily basis, the program did not update to the new version  by itself.

                  I knew that the 2010 version was released from a cnet.com newsletter.

                  Sunrise, I'll give you the credit for this upgrade knowing that it's not acceptable for a program automatic update to fail.


                  Thanks again. God bless you.





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                    hello all,

                           i am facing exactly the same problem,i have purchased 15 months subscription of mcafee and im able to see subscription details online that is ok.Its still showing "not protected" .Even after "fix" through mcafee security centre its still showing as not protected.I tried to run even virtual engineer and it said DAT file updtaed,but then also its showing "not protected".I am very frustrated as nothin seems to work out.

                    As many said that we can reinstall the software.My doubt is wether my subscription of 15 months will be valid if i uninstall and reinstall the software again?Please clarify.

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                      When I did the reinstall, I did retain the same subscription date.  I don't know about the 15 months.  I only had the 12 months.  I would think that it would keep the same date as the original.


                      Good luck


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                        Hi Pvasati,


                        Just login to your online McAfee account and click the Download button.

                        You don't have to uninstall anything since McAfee will do it before starting the download.

                        If your old version was 2009, you'll get the new 2010 version which is better.

                        It's advisable not to surf the Internet while downloading since your only defense will be the default Windows Firewall.

                        Don't worry, you're subscription date should remain the same.


                        Good luck.