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    Error 12007 on Agent Handlers


      My Agent Handlers are reporting "failed to process the secure communication request. error=12007" in the server log although they appear to be working and ePO sees them and shows the update times as current.


      Anyone know what the errors are and how to fix it, I've tried a de-install and re-install of one and the errors remain.


      I can't find any info on the Knowledgebase for this error.



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          Have you resolved this ? I'm getting the same error.

          in my case this is the only agent handler that's giving out this error and it is on the DMZ server that's not part of the Domain. During setup i had to use SQL credentials in order for the services to start correctly after installation. Not sure if this is what's causing the error though.

          The other agent handlers use Windows Authentication to the Database.

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            This is a DNS issue on the Agent Handler i.e. AH being unable to resove the hostname of ePO to an IP address.

            Fix the DNS on the Agent Handler, run ipconfig /flushdns from CMD prompt and try again.


            Updating the DNS information fixed it for me, for a while, and then AH started to complain again. Sorry to disappoint.




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              Thanks for the reply.


              I'll give it a try.





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                No worries. I've been testing on a LAB and I just noticed that I have a flaky DNS server - (services stopping intermittently).

                Fixed it and Agent Handler is talking back to ePO!


                If you are still having issue, check the server.log under Agent_Handler_Install_Path\DB\Logs, it should say something like:


                20101021143328    E    #1352    mod_eporepo    Failed to send http request.  System error=12007
                20101021143328    E    #1352    mod_eporepo    System error 12007 means unable to resolve target address for MACHINENAME.EPOLAB.local, adjust machine DNS configuration as necessary to resolve this issue.


                I'm trying to find a away to have Agent Handler talk to ePO using IP address only. I tried ServerIPAddress= and replacing name with IP to no avail. Maybe someone can chip in, or I'll post again if I know more.


                -- R

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                  I know that name


                  I've got a sneaky feeling you can't specify just an IP address: the AH wants to do a lookup. I'm trying to confirm that. In the meantime I believe the correct approach would be an entry in the AH machine's hosts file.


                  HTH -



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                    My errors seem to have gone away, checked a couple of my AH's so it looks like our guys in the background have resolved any DNS issues we had.



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                      Thanks Joe. The hosts thing didn't occur to me, but certainly of use.

                      This issue is worth a KB... when you get to it


                      -- R

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                        I can confirm host file fixes the 12007 error.


                        My issue was the AH failed to connect to the ePO to get update files for the repocache.