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      OK so I'm having lots of problems.


      First my McAfee said that the Security Suite couldn't be installed, so I downloaded the virtual technican that told me to rename a DAT file, DATold.  I completed all of the steps it told me to and now my McAfee says I'm not protected.  Help!

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          I've moved your post to our Secuirty Center area. Hopefully someone can help you soon.

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            Could you please provide the following information about the error s that we could help you accordingly;

            What is the error message displayed underneath the FIX button ?

            What is the operating system you use ?

            Do you have any other security software installed ?

            Please provide me the session id if virutal technician so that I could review the installed files.







            Dinesh K

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              I'm getting a few error messages


                 -The one under the Fix button says:

                     *The dection signature file is more than 30 days old.

                     *Some components are missing.  Please reinstall McAfee VirusScan


                -Then I get an update error that says:

                    *An error occurred while updating.  Please reinstall these programs:

              McAfee Security Suite



              After I use the McAfee Virtual Technician it says:

                -Problem: Service(s) not running (1)


              I've attached the log from the technician.


              Thanks for your help!



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                Hi ,

                This error message means that the virus definitions are not receiving the regular updates. Could you please confirm whether did you make any recent changes for the computer like a system restore ?

                Also check whether the system clock is set right ?

                Check and delete if you find any security software in C:/program files & common files .

                Click About in you securty center and let me know the version of your virus scan & DAT version ?








                Dinesh K

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                  Hi Dinz,

                  I have been going in circles, round and round and always end up here looking for "answers" or solutions?

                  I have come to believe that the reason I keep getting the "WARNING!" that my computer is NOT PROTECTED is because I can not "ACTIVATE my registration? By the way, says it's already activated or registered? But I am not getting the latest "UPDATES" for McAfee Virus protection? When I run "updates" this is what it comes back with "Register your program now" or "remind me later? When I click on Register now, I go through the whole process and try to "log in" but it will not accept my password (not even the temporary one given to me by McAfee?) or maybe it's not even recognizing my "email address" The last session I had was ID23852746.


                  My husband bought this lap top for me as a birthday gift, so it was bought in his name, "could that be the problem?" When I first got the laptop we tried a trial version of earthlink, which we no longer have, we now use AOL as out ISP (dial up connection). Could either of these be preventing my registering my program? I believe my problem with the warning "you computer is not Protected" would be solved if I could only register my program, then I would get automatic updates. My McAfee subscription is good until 9/5/2011. I am tired of every week staring over with "Fix" running VT, virus scan, and then "updates" only to be asked to register my program and then end up back here? "HELP!"

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                    Hi momo12,

                    That's it  , you have sorted out that if mcafee is not registered it wont be able to receive the updates , I would recommend you to contact Mcafee technical support chat through this link http://service.mcafee.com/LocaleSelect.aspx?lc=1033&sg=TS&pt=1&st=CHAT and tell that you are unable to register your subscription and they will guide you in activating as well as updating your software. Do report back if you still need any assistance, we are here to help you.



                    Good luck





                    Dinesh K