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    Cannot Setup the Media Center 2005 Extender software. Firewall Message.

      As many here have attempted, I cannot connect my PC (XP) to the Xbox360.  I don't have a problem finding the initial steps on the 360.  The problem is on the PC side.


      When setting up the Extender, it:
      - Successfully passed the Installing software message
      - Successfully passed the settings messages
      - Successfully past the 8 digit setup key which matches that on the 360.
      - Proceeds with "Connecting to Media Center Extender" screen


      The next part is where it fails, the Enable Fireway Ports message, which states, "A firewall has been detected: McAfee Personal Firewall.  Setup cannot configure the necessary firewall settings."  The Extender software will not install past this point.


      I have ensured that the proper UDT and TCP ports are open and the proper programs have full access, as listed here:http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/mediacenter/extender/setup/firewall/mcafee.ms px


      I cannot get the extender setup past this firewall message, even if I disable the firewall all together.  My Windows Media Player version is 11.0.5 and if I go into Configure Sharing > Media Sharing, the Xbox360 already is listed with a green check (allow access).


      My PC is hard-wired to my Netgear WGT624 router and the Xbox is fed wirelessly.  I'm on XBL regularly and streaming videos from the marketplace for a couple years now so there aren't any xbox connectivity problems with this network setup.  My PC and the Xbox do have different IP addresses (the last digit).  I can ping the PC address but not the xbox IP. I can ping the gateway that's listed on the Xbox network settings.  I don't know if any of this is relevant or not.


      What else can I do to get this working? Thanks.