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    disable mcafee

      How do I disable mcafee while installing another program??

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          Hello alalso,


          In order to help you I need to know:


          What program are you trying to install?

          What is the operating system you use?

          What version of McAfee are you using?






          on 2/8/10 4:50:27 AM CST
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            Thanks for the replys....... I'm using windows 7  quad core 2.6 with 8 gig of ram. When installing roxio creator 2010, it wants the anti-virus program

            disabled. I have McAfee total protection 2010 installed and can't figure out how to disable it temporarily.

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              Hi,   You can't find it  - 'disable' - because it isn't there.  Sux eh ? Who but McAfee knows.  Many programs ask for the closing of other programs and applications to assure a 'clean' installation. In many instances it is to prevent corruption of dependancies and availability of shared resources.  Interruption of  'protection' can't be the excuse, ummm 'reason', because McAfee has same requirements for it's install - both original and the McAfee requested reinstalls - and the McAfee 'home' isn't even a https site.

                My ranting aside, If you're somewhat pc sav vy I suggest Task Manager  

              K  mid-Mi.

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                Thanks IsMe4Sure.......   I'll try task manager but won't be holding my breath.  I've used msconfig to get to the startup tab and disabled everything in there and tried installing creator 2010 but still no luck. I've used mcafee for 3 or 4 years but this is going to be the last time. and while I'm ranting and trying to cool down, I won't be buying anymore roxio programs either. I actually knew better when I parted with almost a hundred dollars to buy creator so I'll just chalk it up to experience and try to get back my senses. I hope you see the "thank you" before the moderators delete this reply.

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                  ...in Task Mgr click on 'processes' and click the view tab and click the show description box near bottom of menu for column choices

                  when you then stop the McAfee processes you'll know its the right one when you get icon alert in system tray and warning you're computer is at risk ...

                  When you reboot following your Roxio install the McAfee processes should all restart as before



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                    In 2010 on security centre there is a link to Virus and spyware protection. click on this and then real type scanning and disable it. Does that do it?

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                      Click start

                      Click run or start search

                      Type in msconfig

                      Click on services tab

                      Go through the list and find and uncheck all the Mcafee services

                      Hit apply and ok

                      Restart the computer all Mcafee services will be disabled on restart.

                      Install application

                      Go back to msconfig and re-enable all Mcafree services.

                      Restart computer.