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      I have just downloaded SecurityCenter 10 unexpectedly after having done a reinstall due to some problems unrelated to McAfee. I was just wondering if Quickclean only does a windows deletion now  as there seems to be no option to select a shredd type like there is in the shredder option area. Previous versions of Quickclean included a shredd type, comprehensive seven passes, 10 passes etc. etc.  I have also noticed that I can't close the lists once I have expanded them that's annoying.



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          Can someone please answer my question.  I have always overwritten cookies, recycle bin and deleted email messages etc,etc. this is for extra security and to exclude people's details from my computer permanently; obviously I like to do this with a couple of clicks using Quickclean but the new version does not have this secure over write option.  Is it possibe to go back to an older security centre?



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