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    Advice on Migrating from EPO 3.6.1 patch 3 to EPO 4.5 latest patch

      Hoping to ask a bit of advice on migration methods from EPO 3.6.1 to EPO 4.5


      Currently, I have EPO 3.6.1 (patch 3) running on Windows 2000 with SQL 2000 (approx 4500 clients - CMA 3.6 patch 3). - Old hardware.

      We have a range of products (many out of support) e.g. VSE 8.0 to VSE 8.7, Desktop Firewall, Groupshield 6.0.2 etc.


      I am planning to do an install of EPO 4.5 on a new Windows 2003 X64 R2 server (and have a second Windows 2003 server running SQL 2005 SP3 for the DB).


      I then plan to export the existing VSE 8.5 and 8.7 policies (from 3.6.1) and import them onto the EPO 4.5 server (will have to redo the policy assignment I believe)- then setup some kind of AD Synch (do not use this at present) either to synch the current AD design or setup a similar structure to our existing 3.6.1 EPO setup and just synch the machines. [However, I guess this will mess up our reporting to begin with if the AD has old machines in].


      Following this I plan to deploy the latest agent to a pilot group of machines and set up a deployment task for VSE 8.7 patch 2 + anti-spyware, HIPS and Site Advisor Enterprise Plus.


      (Currently we use super agents at sites but may need to look into the benefit of remote agent handlers - also considering the use of RSD)


      If anyone has some advice on whether this approach sounds ok (or any things to look out for) it is much appreciated.