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    New Malware program, and it's the worst I've seen

      I just got rid of a malware infection almost EXACTLY a month ago and it was tough. However, this is a new one I've never even heard about. Instead of only disabling and blocking Anti-Virus programs, it blocks EVERYTHING. If it has an ".exe" attached to it, it prevents it from running and claims it's infected. Even basic processes like Task Manager, Add/Remove Programs, it even ATTEMPTED to block winlogon when I was restarting my computer. I even tried using the rkill program I did last time, and it blocks ALL 4 instances of it. However, I discovered one weakness: it can't function in Windows Safe Mode (Which is how I'm here right now). The reson I'm here is because neither Malwarebytes nor McAfee can find it. I've ran 3 scans on each and they come back negative, as if it's not installed on the computer. Any ideas?



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