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      Hey, I recently got a laptop from dell (Win 7) with 18 month McAfee secuirty on it. Unfortunatley the secuirty software is too good and will not let some programs instal. These programs are on DVDs which i have purchased from PC World, Amazon, Play.com etc. I have used these programs before so therefore they arent trojans as the software claims.



      Please, please help me. This is a real pain as these programs are necessary for my life on the computer





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          Peter M

          Without knowing what version of McAfee is installed I can only guess at a fix, can you please double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter/


          If it looks like this then click "About" at bottom right and post what version each module has.




          If it looks like this then click Navigation at top right and then About at left.





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            Im not sure what i am supposed to do after clicking about but my version is the same as the top one which has the black outline

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              Peter M

              Click About then look for the version numbers of each application, but don't worry, the following instructions should help...hopefully, now that I have determined the likely version.


              Normally all you would need to disable temporarily is VirusScan.


              Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

              Click Advanced Menu (bottom)

              Click Configure (left)

              Click Computer & Files (top left)

              You can then disable VirusScan in the right-hand module (top) and tell it for how long to remain that way.


              Actually I'm surprised that you didn't get a pop-up asking for permission in any case, however the above should work.


              I moved this to SecurityCenter 9 - 2009 where it belongs.

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