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    I can't open links!

      Hi can anyone help me,I'm not very good with computers. Downloaded my McAfee a couple of weeks ago and since then I am unable to click on my links in my emails they simply do nothing unless I press Ctrl at the same time and then they open a new tab.Is there something I need to alter, to go back to it opening up straight away by opening a new window like it did before? To be honest I can live with this, but my really problem is that I am simply unable to add any photos to ebay when trying to sell something.I seem to have tried everything I can think of but nothing happens,again is there something in my settings that I have it alter? Any ideas would be very greatfully recieved, I am keeping my fingers crossed that somebody out there can help me. Many many thanks Stepwood

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          Peter M

          To help you with that question we need to know your operating system and service pack, what browser and version you are using and what email client and version you use.

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            Thank you, my system is windows xp,and my service provider is orange and my email is orange.is this enough infomation?

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              Peter M

              I hope that is XP SP3 or else your system is insecure.  What browser (Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8 or Firefox?) and version and what email client (Outlook, Outlook Express etc) and version?  That info is available by opening those applications and going to Help/About and whether or not you have SP3 can usually be determined by right-clicking My Computer and selecting Properties and reading it from that.



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                Hi there,Thank you for getting back to me,yes my computer is xp service pack 3 version 2002 ,my browser is internet explorer 8 version ( I think this is right) 20090308.140743 and my e mail should be outlook express 6 but I never use it as it has never been set up right.So i always use orange web mail microsoft provided by orange uk.Is this any help to you? many thanks Stepwood

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                  Peter M

                  This is strange and would appear to me to be more of a browser issue than anything else.


                  Try going to Internet Explorer Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click the Reset button, Apply and OK it.

                  Close and reopen IE and go to Tools/Manage Add-ons and re-enable add-ons one by one checking each time of these mail hyperlinks work.