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      For the past two days, the virus scan has reported that it has detected a Trojan by the name generic.dx!mgw in the file c:\windows\dlstag.dll. It also says that 'No action is required". I'm confused. If no action is required why is the trojan still on the PC? How do I get rid of this?

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          Could you paste the log file here?  It may be that your scanner is configured to detect but not remove/clean the detected file(s).  I would suggest to double check the settings for cleaning and try to run a scan again.




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            I'm not sure where the log file is located so I cannot attach to this message. The message in the Detection log file states:


            2/7/2010 2:25:22 AM    Scheduled Scan    Generic.dx!mgw(Trojan), Generic.dx!mgw (Trojan)    Cannot be removed


            I did check the configuration settings and they are set to check and repair infected files. The log file shows a different virus detected and removed several weeks ago, so I do not believe it is a configuration setting.

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              Thanks for checking Tonyc.  At this point, I would ask your help to get the sample submitted to our Webimmune (www.webimmune.net).  It may be that you have a newer variant that requires additional cleaning instructions.