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    Trouble with Virus Scan Downloads

      I have a laptop with a dial up connection and McAfee Internet Security. McAfee came with the machine so this isn't about installing the software.  My problem is that McAfee is trying to download the virus scan updates but it will get so far in the download and then start over.  Sometimes, it gets to 4% but other times it gets up to 40 or 50% or higher.  I've had my phone line tied up with this download for 5 hours now (with 3.5 hours of that time being dedicated solely to the update. I wasn't doing anything else online or on the laptop during that time) and it still isn't complete.  This isn't the first time I've had this problem.  It began probably in December.  I had a brief respite from this problem when I had to let the subscription expire, but I renewed it today and the problem still exists. Can anyone help me either get this download completed or tell me how to turn this off so it won't be slowing my laptop down and tying up my phone line? Thanks.

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          Hi dial-up_diva,


          Unfortunately this has always been a problem with most of the people using Dial up connection.


          Anyway's may I know what is the Operating System you are Using.


          Also please mention the DAT Version of the Virus Scan ( Open Security Center -> On the bottom right corner you'll find ABOUT button , Click on it ->


          Under Virus Scan You'll Find DAT ver


          Please Mention the DAT ver .



          MSC - Safire - About.jpg



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            I have Windows Vista and the version of the virus scan is 13.15.  I've been using this laptop since around Sept 2008 with a dial up connection the whole time and this problem didn't start happening until just a couple of months ago. I appreciate all your help.  Thanks.