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    e0050045 Unable to read client data store attribute

      User recently encrypted is reporting receiving this error randomly. Dell D630 running XP SP 3 Sometimes after his laptop comes out of stand-by mode and the password is entered, the error appears and then nothing happens and he is forced to power cycle the machine. At other times, he can be working in an application and he will get a pop up message from McAFee Endpoint Encryption Client Status with this error line appearing after each line indicating an action (for example Authentication = Yes, then this error; Checking for Updates , then the error again. ) Sorry I cannot attach the log file with this post but I do not have the machine available. I have been researching this all afternoon with the only result being that I found a post somewhere on this site that advised performing an emergency boot which we did. We then booted normally did a synch and checked the log and did not find the error. We thought we were good until we closed the lid on the laptop to force it into standby and then brought the laptop out of standby and there was the error again. Not sure where to go with this. I am wondering whether the hard drive is going bad although pre boot assesment was clean for HDD errors. The company is rolling this out to more and more pilot users with the intention of eventually encrpyting all laptops (a few thousand). As one of the techs responsible for supporting these users post encryption I am a little nervous and I notice there is not a lot of literature available on this. Any help/direction would be appreciated. Thanks