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    Are udremove.exe and ud_the_kmplayer_1435.exe trojans, by the way undetected by McAfee ?



      McAfee's Internet Securiry Suite and Lavasoft's Ad-Aware are my standard shields against usual threats. I keep them always up to date, and I regularly scrutinize my PC (which runs Windows XP).


      From times to times, I also run other free diagnostic programs availables over the web to scrutinize my PC. One of them has just said my PC is infected by two trojans:


           c:\documents ans settings\dilermando\local configurations\temporay internet files\udremove.exe

           (also known as ud_hjsplit-2-4.exe)



           (a program not installed in my PC, I just have downloaded it)


      Both go unoticed by McAfee's, Lavasoft's and Norton's malware detection programs. Neither do I find any references to udremove.exe in this forum. And Windows XP Explorer doesn’t allow deleting udremove.exe.


      Some websites supply removal tools for udremove.exe, and/or comments about it:






      So, does anybody know something about those supposed infections ?


      Are they really trojans, dangerous stuff ? in that case, why McAffe ignores them ? may I trust such removal tools ?


      My best regards, and many thanks for all those willing to help me.





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