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    McAfee freezing during Scan

      Hello everyone,


      My first post in this community. Looking forward to your wise advice.


      My PC keeps freezing whilst scanning C:\MSOCache\All Users\{91120000-***-0000000FF1CE}-C\EnterrWW.cab, even in safe mode. The result is screen frozen, no hard disk drive activity and 'Press and hold for 5 seconds' reset. I'm running SecurityCenter version 9.15 and VirusScan version 13.15. I'm also running Windows XP Pro SP3 and use Office 2007.


      I've been unable to complete a full virus scan in the last 30 days or so as I've been trying to find info on the internet about it but with little joy and stumbled across this community (it should have been my first port of call really!).


      Any help would be really appreciated.

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          I've been able to remove the MSOcahce files (wouldn't let me before) simply by selecting folder and deleting. However, the saga continues because McAfee still freezes during HKLM scanning in safe mode...............


          <edit> Yet another scan and another fail. Previously always failed on MSOcache file but McAfee doesn't seem fussy anymore!!!!


          Help, please...........



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            Further update.....


            Completely removed McAfee SecurityCenter 2009 and used MCPR.exe to clear up after McAfee online help advised. Installed McAfee SecurityCenter 2009 and let it put McAfee SecurityCenter 2010 on instead as subscription is unitl Nov 2010.


            Quickscan passed. Froze on Fullscan at C:\ .exe file at 39% (file checked individually after reboot and passed) and Registry file at 95%.


            What is going on???



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              A thought is could the harddisk have bad sectors you can try the comment chkdisk c: /r


              Did you run a CHKDSK?


              How to do a chkdisk with an R switch?

              click  on start

              select RUN

              type CMD and hit enter

              then in the command  prompt


              CHKDSK c: /R and hit enter

              Yes Y to all prompts and  questions then reboot to start the check ( add d: etc if the scan is locking on another disk)

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                I've already run a checkdisk with 'automatically fix file system errors' and 'scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors' ticked. This appeared to complete and reboot although I wasn't near it to read any report (it took about an hour and a half). I'm assuming this is the same as you mean CHKDSK c: /R.


                However, my hard disk has 6 partitions (Windows/Swap/Apps/Media/UserData/Downloads) so I guess each partition will need to checked................and that will definately be an overnight job. Although the fails this far have been C:\ and HKLM would you recommend all to be done?


                Many thanks for the response, much appreciated.

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                  No your issue appears to be c drive other than a clen uninstall then reinstall I do not see another way though I will ask the techs in our call today.

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                    How big is the exe file? Also with registry scan lockups this could imply a registry corruption. I suggest doing a backup of the disk asap in case of the registry failing. This a suggestion from our techs.

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                      Can the registry be fixed at all?

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                        I am unsure re that question you haven't a backup from a month or so back have you?


                        You can try a google search for corrupted registry  and your OS....



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                          Ironically, I lost restore points from the first quickclean on Security Centre 10, Doh!


                          Trying another scan now!..........



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