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    Real-Time Scanner disabling itself


      I have looked at a lot of different sites and topics trying to figure out what is really wrong with my McAfee.

      I have reinstalled it a few times already and nothing seems to work.

      I have already scanned my whole computer for Malware with MalwareBytes. It came up clean.

      I also did what ever else the other topics said. (run program, etc.)


      Also McAfee updated itself already, so I have no idea how to get to anything.


      Also it will not let me scan my computer, which I want to do dearly.


      I am on a Vista 32bit.

      I have had this computer for over a year now. I just want my virus scanner to work, or I am moving to another company.

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          Hi LtAldo,


          Please run this tool attached here.




          Rakesh P

          McAfee TS

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            Hi Ltaldo,

            Real time scanners would als oget disabled if you are running any other antivirus programs along with McAfee.

            Please uninstall any other security software from control panel and their files and folders from C:/program files & common files.

            If the issue still occurs , try running the oas disabled fix tool from the previous post and check the status.






            Dinesh K

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              Hi, I recently restored my computer due to a virus.  I had the security toolvirus.  I am no longer showing any affects of the virus but my real-time keeps turning off.  I read on the website that this can be caused from restoring your computer.  Can you please help me with a solution?  As we speak I am and doing an update in McAfee I also read that has helped other users.  If that does not work can you give me some advice.


              Also, can you tell me if my virus is hidden somewhere and I should do something else to remove it.  Like I said I restored my computer in safe mode to remove it.  I could not do anything in my computer prior to that.  I couldn't run McAfee or msconfig.........HELP please







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                Hello Debbie,

                I have sent you a private message here in our boards, please have it replied so that we could help you in proceeding with this issue. Probably we need to collect some McAfee logs from the computer that would help us in dealing with this . Looking forward to your reply


                Dinesh K
                McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                  hello how are you?  thank you for getting back to me.

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                    I'm not sure what you wanted me to reply with...... I did the update on my computer it told me I needed to restart my computer and it is stuck on logging off.  I powered off completely and when I restarted the computer it is still on "logging off"

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                      Hi Debbie,

                      Try to turn off the computer manually and then turn it back on and let me know if we are able to get back to the computer.
                      Along with your next post, please provide me some details on the computer;
                      What is the operating sytsem?
                      Do we have any other security software in the computer ?
                      Is your computer uptodate with all updates from windows ?


                      Dinesh K
                      McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                        I did the manual shut down and let it sit for 30 minutes.  When i turned it back on it was stuck on "logging off"

                        dell inspiron windows vista

                        only McAfee is on the computer

                        all updates have been