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    Password Vault

      I upgraded to Internet Security 2010 (from 2009), and don't have the access to password vault. IS this feature available, how do I activate it?

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          Hi Karthic,

          Are you referring to the password vault option embedded inside security center ? If that is the one , its not included in the latest versions.








          Dinesh K

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            Hi Dinesh,


            Thanks for your response. Bummer...


            How can I just upgrade (or renew) the license from previous version? When I install 2010 it asks me to unstall 2009, how can I just upgrade the previous version with new license and continue to have the capability from previous version?




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              I also need help with this.  ALL my passwords were stored in mine before it was just tossed away by the upgrade, no warning or anything - thanks Mcafee.


              I have tried retro installing 2009, but as I bought it online it has too been upgraded to 2010 without vault.


              Please, please, please someone, give me a chance to get back my passwords.


              Ironic that they were in a safe place and have now gone!!!!


              Come back Norton, all is forgiven.

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                Hi tornado34,


                If you had passwords or other information stored in the Password Vault, and did not make a note of them before your upgrade, you can retrieve them using the Password Retrieval Tool.


                Download PvReader.exe from
                http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/PVReader.exe and save it to your desktop.
                Click Start, select Run, type CMD, and press Enter.
                In the command window type CD DESKTOP and press Enter.
                Type PVREADER.EXE MASTERPASSWORD PASSWORDS.TXT (where “MasterPassword” is the master password you used to unlock your McAfee Password Vault), then press Enter.
                If the McAfee Password Vault is present, and the master password is correct, all passwords stored in your McAfee Password Vault will be exported to a file named passwords.txt on your desktop.

                IMPORTANT: McAfee Password Vault is per user, which means each user has his or her own separate Password Vault which can be accessed only by that user. To export passwords from a different user you must log into the computer as that user.




                Dinesh K

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                  I had exactly the same problem. What on earth were Mcafee thinking of? I spent alot of time trying to get them to help (including 6 incidents being opened, the last one by some guy on a help desk in India!) before landing on this forum completely by accident from Google. The above instructions worked perfectly.


                  Thanks to you all.


                  Lol, Liverpool, U.K.

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                    My system was automatically updated with the new McAfee software a few days ago I had sever passwords in the Vault and it is no longer available. Where is the information/instructions to gain access to my vault information?

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                      I'm using Vista, and this program isn't working for me.  Whenever I go to run the program, it opens for a split second then closes.  Thanks McAfee.  I really appreciate it when a big company like yours understands the overwhelming need I have for inconveniences such as this in my life.  I also can't describe in words just how happy it makes me that you guys were considerate enough of said need for inconvenience that you suspended what I am sure is standard protocol for running an upstanding company such as yours and made the special effort NOT to warn me of the impending changes to my program that word lock me out of my password vault.  I am also amazed at the remarkable effort you made to give me a program for retrieving the password vault, especially the extra mile you went to make sure the program simply does not work.  Thanks McAfee.  You're a lifesaver.




                      Now could you please give me something that works to retrieve my password vault? Or at the very least, could you instruct me in some method to force the program provided to work properly?

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                        You may contact McAfee Technical Chat support as they could resolve this issue.

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