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    ePO agent not showing Status Monitor - Anyone else experience this?

      Hello all, I appreciate any feedback or input you can give me.


      I have McAfee agent deployed across several workstations on my corporate network, with a very weird problem. I can see the McAfee 'M' agent tray icon. When I click on the tray icon it brings up the normal options 'McAfee Agent', 'Update Now' & 'About'. However, when I click on the 'McAfee Agent' option, it does not bring up the other options that are supposed to show up, namely the 'Status Monitor' option. So basically, I click on 'McAfee Agent' and instead of bring up the options such as 'Status Monitor', 'Settings', 'Update Now' and 'About', it just disappears!


      I have tried FORCEUNINSTALL-ing the agent from these workstations and redeploying the agents, but to no avail.


      Any thoughts?


      Has anyone experienced this?