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  • socal_mitch Newcomer 25 posts since
    Dec 21, 2011

    Mr. Richards,


    While I appreciate your efforts and those of your team that are working to solve this issue, I must give comment on your suggestion.


    As I read it, McAfee is not able to provide a solution to a problem they created with this bug in their software.   So the interim solution is to turn off one of the most basic features of modern computing, the desktop icon; thereby causing further distress to customers who have been using the desktop style gui since Windows first came out?


    I am one that likes very few icons on my desktop, however there are some that are frequently used and need a home on the main gui screen.  There is only so much room in the task bar so it can be filled quickly.


    Again, I mean no disrespect, however this temporary fix seems to be going a bit overboard in my opinion. 


    I will be anxiously awaiting  a successful and true solution to this issue.




    Sent from the beaches of Orange County in sunny Southern California
  • fhvned Newcomer 4 posts since
    Dec 22, 2011

    Hi All:  I just joined this so I could add my own 2 cents abouth this icon thing.  I've used McAfee for years....  (I mean like ten or 12) and, although there have been some issues that caused me to get a little concerned, it has, overall, performed as advertised.  I just followed the upgrade notice that popped up 2 or 3 days ago and the desktop icon the install created just won't go away.  Delete; re-boot and it just re-appears.  "I'm Baaaaaaack", I hear it whisper.  No amount of playing with services or processes or startup or tweaking msconfig seems to have any effect on it.  I'm running a Dell Studio XPS laptop with Windows 7 Pro and an Intel Core 1.7 processor.  It's annoying and nothing more, really, but I really have a problem with a program I can't control on my own computer.  When I delete something, I expect it to stay deleted.  When it doesn't, it just makes me wonder what kind of code has been written that takes control of my computer out of my hands, and what else the program may be doing that I have neither knowledge of nor control over.

  • alvinpenner Newcomer 2 posts since
    Dec 22, 2011

    - I have tried the above fix, and it does not work. After a few minutes the shortcut comes back automatically.

    - any new fixes available?


    - running Windows 7 (32 bit), McAfee Anti Virus Plus 11.0.649

    - registry says MSC_ShowDesktopIcon = invalid DWORD (32 bit) value after deleting entry

  • fhvned Newcomer 4 posts since
    Dec 22, 2011

    Actually, now that I've spent a few hours researching this problem, I've come to the conclusion that McAfee is doing something strange.  You can't convince me that the best software minds in the business can't figure out why a deleted icon keeps re-creating itself every time you re-boot.  I'm guessing they pretty much know what they're doing and this icon thing is a glitch in some sort of invasive code they've created to monitor computer activity.  Google is doing it with IQ programs on my Android.  This only started after applying the upgrade they kept popping up on my screen and now they're just trying to cover their *** with this crap about "the engineers know about it and it's being worked on"...


    Not good enough.  McAfee is gone from my system, for the first time in 10 years and replaced with bit defender.  Google the top ten anti virus programs for 2012 and you won't find McAfee even listed on most of them.  PC Mag lists it as # 7.

  • e_needsafix Newcomer 2 posts since
    Dec 22, 2011

    Come on McAfee!! I just re-installed your Anti-Virus software yesterday and now I have the "Never-Ending McAfee Desktop Icon" issue like so many others. Never had this problem until I re-installed your software yesterday. Spent hours looking for a soultion. THANK YOU FOR WASTING MY TIME! We'll see if I renew when my sibscription expires next time. I don't need software that sends me on a wild goose chase!

  • socal_mitch Newcomer 25 posts since
    Dec 21, 2011

    Mr./Ms. fhvned,


    I choose not to subscribe to the theory that it is all a conspiracy or ploy to get info off of our computers.    I believe that since this is a problem that occured before, more than likely a programer was super lazy and when creating new code simply cut and pasted some code from a previous version to include and/or try and enhance the new version they were working on without realizing that this code had this error.   Likely the changes that were made are different enough that the existing icon removal tool no longer has current information to remove the entry in the settings/registry. It will take somebody who is smarter than that lazy programmer, to discover what occured and update the icon removal tool so that it is effective once more.


    <tongue_in_cheek>But...on the other hand, I noticed that the two little dots used to separate the hours and minutes on my clock no longer flash.   Maybe that is another sign of this mcafee conspiracy.  After all, aren't they responsible for keyboards never being made with the "cents" sign anymore?</tongue_in_cheek>


    Sent from the beaches of Orange County in sunny Southern California
  • ohheckyeah Newcomer 4 posts since
    Dec 22, 2011

    This is really simple.  Either McAfee undoes whatever the update did that causes this problem or I will find another virus program.  I've been a McAfee user for YEARS and have installed McAfee on many computers for many people but I don't appreciate any software overriding my commands like this.  It's ridiculous and it's unacceptable.  Either fix it or lose some customers. 


    Everything was fine until the latest update a day ago.

  • Ex_Brit Volunteer Moderator 59,597 posts since
    May 6, 2004

    I cannot believe the fuss over such a trivial matter...why don't you all apply for a job with McAfee?
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  • ohheckyeah Newcomer 4 posts since
    Dec 22, 2011

    I don't consider it a trivial matter when software overrides an action I have taken such as deleting an icon.  Why is it doing that?  Why should it even be ABLE to do that?  It doesn't speak well of  this forum when a moderator thinks a glitch in software we paid for is trivial.

  • randomuser Newcomer 2 posts since
    Dec 22, 2011

    McAfee deciding that I will have a shortcut to their software on my desktop reguardless of what I want is NOT a trivial matter ... not by a very very long shot.  Think about it ... that function to ensure that the icon exists on my desktop was thought about, bubbled up the feature list, agreed upon, discussed, discussed, discussed, assigned to an engineer, written, tested, checked, tested, checked in to production code and deployed.   It was NOT an accident - if it was, then the problem is considerably more serious that it appears.  It was a feature that someone thought was a good idea ... some one very very ummmm wrong.

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