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    Every sync updates certain files



      I have noticed in my log that "Downloading update for file "SbMbrFix.dll" and "Downloading update for file "SbExcludedSectors.srg" does this on every sync. Should it be like that?
      Guess i could  just delete the files from "files" and they will go away.


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          It was already suggested that it would happen if the same filename is used in multiple file-sets that are assigned to machine. Inspect them first. Do not delete any files, unless you know their purpose and impact on particular systems. Test first.

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            Yes you´re right. Should have investigated this myself more carefull before.


            I find in my file group "EEPC51 OPTION: Update MBR for EEPC Comp..." and also "EEPC51 OPTION: Update MBR for Safeboot Comp..."

            Same thing with "EEPC51 OPTION: Exclude Sector 59 for NEC Comp..." This *.srg file you also find in "EEPC51 OPTION: EE 5.1.9 Client Files"


            Many thanks for your quick answer though!


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