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    I cannot install mcafee after virus or something

      I recently caught in a virus or something. Before, I use another Anti-Virus. But the anti-virus is disabled by the virus. And it even cannot recgonize the virus.

      3 problems. Anti-virus disabled and cannot be started (even from msconfig), cannot connect to the internet, and cannot start in safe mode. plus,all usb drive will be infected if I insert it into the computer.


      I tried googling for the virus name in another computer. Found that mcafee has data about it. So I've uninstall the old anti-virus and install mcAfee full 2009. Installation completed successfully, but mcafee didn't appear. I tried starting it from the start menu, and from the program files, only mcAfee label pop for seconds, and closed again.


      I'm not sure what is the root, but I tried scanning my computer with anti-malware. it detects 6to4.dll as a malware. tried forrce delete, and delete after reboot. Came back after booted.


      What should I do to make my computer normal again? please do not suggest me to safe mode, or online scanning. because I can't.