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    Shredder issue


        I have a querry shredder is the one that is meant for the purpose that deletes the file completely from all the location traced to it, but here I found giving options like


      Please explain





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          Hi Yoga,

          McAfee Shredder is a computer management tool that can improve the speed and performance of your computer , It securely erases the data you specify for deletion. Even if you use recovery software, no trace of the erased data will be found. Can you specify  the location your referring about, and attach an image of the same if possible ??





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          Dinesh K



          on 2/4/10 7:34:27 AM GMT-06:00
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            Hi Dinesh,


                            Thanks for the inforamtion, I can understand the concept of shredder, but I want to know the meaning for the following picture

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              Hi Yoga,


              The Basic and other options in shredder tells about the algorithm which will be used to delete the file... The file will be shredded one time or multiple times. More the number of times that a file will be shredded it will be that difficult for recovery software to recover back...


              I hope this helps.